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Arman Paya Communications


Founded in 2000 as one of the first companies focused solely on the Internet, Arman Paya Communications is widely recognized as a leading IT Solutions Provider dedicated to developing and operating

  •  Custom Application Development
  • Consulting Services, ICT Planning and Strategic Planning
  • Portal and Content Management Systems
  • Document Management Systems
  • Data Center
  • Information Systems
    • Decision Support System (DSS)
    • Managed Hosting
    • Security Solutions
  • E-Commerce

A professional executive and senior management team leads a professional staff with a shared vision and strategy that have resulted in strong corporate performance over the last years.

Arman Paya Communications hires the best professional talent, and then promotes their continued training and development. Arman Paya Communications encourage staff development through mentoring programs, professional training and participation in client and internal development efforts.

We give our people the opportunity to reach their potential and the resources to succeed. In return, our clients receive innovative and high impact, high value business solutions.

At Arman Paya Communications, we recognize that to provide quality solutions for our clients, we must recruit the best and brightest professionals and create a collaborative culture where we can best leverage their individual talents and experience.