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Arman Paya Communications


At Arman Paya Communications, we collaborate with our customers to meet both their short and long-term business needs and technology goals. We engage our clients in a through analysis of their business to ensure that we understand their market position and corporate direction. Our methodology was developed to ensure mission critical client needs are met including; budget, time, integration with business process systems and most importantly user experience. We will apply the foundation of our methodology in the development of our client’s projects according their needs.

Arman Paya Communications provides seasoned leadership and time proven plans and controls for each project to assure both organizational value and satisfaction for clients.

Arman Paya Communications ensure that every application completes a robust testing phase including functional, user experience and performance testing.

Finally, Arman Paya Communications and client decide on future functionality and on a strategy schedule for enhancement.

Some of the methodologies which are used mentioned as following:

  •  Object Orientation Process
  • Rational Unified Process (RUP)
  • Extreme Programming
  • Agile Processing
  • Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF)