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Our Content Management System is a powerful application software with which you can create and manage the content of your web site.

This product enables you to create, renew and update the content of your web site without the need of hiring an IT team or a web master. You will have the full control of your web site and you will be able to create the content the way you like.
It is a highly-automated application software, and anyone can work with it even dough he has no knowledge of programming. Anyone who can use the Internet will be able to work with Our Content Management System and update its own web site without the need to hire professional team.
Automated tools enable you to edit your pages from any computer or operating system in the world that has a Web Browser and direct Internet access.

Who is it for?
This system is for small and medium size companies that have the need for a frequent content change, and for companies that have the need for a quality web site and frequent Internet communication.

It has been developed in such a way that with minimal efforts supports all the needed functions for effective and dynamic creation and management of web content.
Administration of the whole system is so easy and few people at the same time can work with it.
With the use of different graphic layouts (templates), very fast change of the look of your site is possible, without the need to additionally change the content to fit in to the new layout.
Page structure, category structure, and shape of each part of the layout can be designated. You can designate the space for your banners, pictures, tables and so on. It is very flexible.


Modular architecture
Very easy including of new modules, wherever you like;
New modules will be developed and published according to the users needs. Their integration in to already constructed and functional sites will be very simple to do;
Multilingual controls
Multilingual interface enables you to view all controls, error messages, instructions and help in your language;
Dynamical multilingual interface
Every visitor of your site will be able to view your site in the language he chooses. He will be able to view the site and the content in the same language if a moderator has prepaired and published the content on the site in that language, if not, content will be visible in the default language that moderator sets;
Multi user administration
Site owner can appoint his associates to manage some parts of the site for him, he can set access rights to his associates so that he and them can know who is responsible for what parts of the site;
Controlled access via memberships
View of certain content or pages of your site you can limit to certain membership categories. In this way you can motivate your visitors to upgrade their membership level;
Visual text editor
WYSIWYG text editor with which you can make and edit your content almost like you are working with the "Word".