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Comprehensive Contract System Software works for the organizing company’s contracts digitally and covers tenders and auctions operations in which all the information pertained to the contractors, consultants, tenders and auctions can be stored and be used for meeting the organizations needs in an integrated way in the whole system. Indeed by this software, physically archiving has no matter of use and short time is needed for the information search.
The main goals of this software are as follows:

  1. Storing forms & documents digitally
  2. Rapid access to the stored data in the system
  3. Using easily and smoothly the available application
  4. Rights & permission Management through username and password
  5. Creating & preparing most of the letters & forms automatically
  6. Rapid & robust search in the stored data
  7. Creating clear and comprehensive reports for managers at short period of time
  8. Entering data in a list & using it in all lists

Software sections:
This software contains the following sections:

  • Contractors
  • Consultants
  • Summons
  • Tenders
  • Contracts
  • Plans
  • Projects
  • Circulars
  • Management settings