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Arman Paya Communications


Office Automation Software developed by Arman Paya Communications is implemented for automation and integration of enterprise processes. All its modules have been created in compliance with "General Country Management and Planning Organization" and is available for automation, integration and optimal performance in government and private sector companies to provide them with advance today’s technologies.
Some key features:

  1. Productivity enhancement covering the whole enterprise
  2. Satisfaction enhancement within staff & Customers
  3. Office system standardization
  4. Information integration of the whole enterprise
  5. Rapid and precise meeting customer needs and save their time
  6. Minimizing the bureaucracy in and out of the organization
  7. Providing suitable & standard approaches in workflow of the organization and tracking their consistent improvement
  8. Rapid & simple correspondence within organizations
  9. Rapid access to archived correspondences

Technical features:

  1. Web-based automation system
  2. Integration in processes
  3. Data integration
  4. System consistent grow
  5. Operational system independence
  6. High information security
  7. Rights & permission management
  8. Multi-user operation
  9. Work flow management