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Microsoft released its product as SharePoint Services to storing data and documents and improving user and team productivity within an enterprise. This product creates an environment that provides collaboration services for team workers to share and communicate their knowledge and information.
The SharePoint indeed is web-based work space that provides an integrated environment for team to enhance team collaboration and a core space for information, knowledge and document storage. Microsoft SharePoint is made up of two main products:
1. Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)
2. SharePoint Portal Server 2003

Some main features are as follows:

  • General features
    • Document Libraries
    • Form Libraries
    • Image Libraries
    • Custom lists
    • Discussion boards
    • Surveys (in different parts of the site)
    • MS Office integration
    • Export data in Excel & Access
    • Direct reporting through Access
    • Customization
  • Administration features
    • User & groups management
    • Rights & Permissions management
    • Management & Site Statistics
    • Site collection galleries
    • Site collection management
    • Alert management
  • Security features
  • User Authentication
    • Basic Authentication
    • Anonymous Authentication
    • Integrated Windows Authentication
    • Certificated Authentication (SSL)
  • Share point Administrators group
  • Site groups
  • Administrative Port Security
    • SSI
    • Firewall
  • Microsoft SQL Server Connection Security
    • Windows NT Integrated Authentication
    • SQL Server Authentication
  • Firewall protection

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