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Arman Paya Communications


In today’s business environment, improving and sledging business work is of a crucial importance. As far as population growth in the country and the time saving in the work time in each enterprise based on the IT growth are concerned, there is high need to change the ICT landscape.
The rapid growth in ICT, changed the citizens expectation, enterprises structures, culture, science and work process ever than before and made the government managers face new ICT oriented approach and solutions to meet the subscribers needs.

There is no need to refer to the discrete information after designing and implementing the portal based on a unified web site to gain information and to use the whole enterprise services.
Portal in fact is the sole resource of the enterprise that comprehensively covers all capabilities of the enterprise to meet the customer demands for the information and services.
The main goal of designing a portal is to have an even growing interaction within the staff of an enterprise and the customers demanding the enterprise services in order to smoothing the information and service providing process. As the matter of the fact, portal by making the enterprise units more convergent, and also by improving the performance and technicalization in accordance with the company’s or affiliated enterprise’s policy and principals attempts to provide even more reliable services, customer care, updated information and statistics, tracking orders by customers through web site, forms and regulation related to each unit to automate the works, blocks time waste, decreases customer presentation in enterprise in person, respects customer rights that all of these efforts are aiming extensible services for the subscribers.
The portal developed by Arman Paya Communications is a Java-coded package which has been used by government and private sector companies that all its bugs have been fixed now. This system contains a central core and some added modules that provides the central administration of all processes and required information needed for modules under a defined framework.
Each module can be managed individually and performs the inter-processes of its performance.